Shipping Information
Once you accept our quote, you can instantly print out a pre-paid, fully insured, Fedex label to send your watch to us. Our shipments are handled exclusively by Fedex and fully insured for the value of your quote.

It is important that you take great care in packaging your watch for shipment to us to prevent any damage to your watch. Package your watch at home before taking it to a Fedex location for added security. Wrap your watch in tissue paper or place it in a clean, clear plastic bag, and then wrap the protected watch securely in bubble wrap. Do not place tape or any other adhesive directly on your watch.

Place the wrapped watch in the middle of a secure box filled with packing material (foam, paper packing peanuts, or additional bubble wrap). Do not send your watch in a padded envelope – they do not offer protection against injury during shipping.

Your watch ships to us overnight and once received, our buyers will inspect and authenticate your timepiece. From there we finalize your offer and once accepted, we cut you a check!